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This is not just any other sexy but standard stretch lace affair. Pearl panties are rage and for very good reason. If you are looking for something other than the common; if you are interested in the surprising and exciting; if you are willing to try out the most ridiculously different lingerie – they are your answer. Talk about rubbing yourself the right way, these thongs are quite the change from everything vanilla.

Bracli pearl thongs basically have pearls nestled up against the clitoris. They will provide instant and hands-free pleasure minus the vibrator – with the pearls rubbing against the most sensitive part of a woman with each movement. You do not have to worry about having anyone hear the vibrating of the usual bullet in vibrating under garments and in this case, pearl panties will be controlled according to your movements.

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Thongs on their own were once called scandalous and maybe, until now. But take the common thong and replace the scrap of fabric by pearls and you have a sex toy you can use anytime, anywhere without having to worry about replacing the batteries. The stimulation maybe subtle, but trust me, they work wonders. Simply shift in your seat at dinner with your friends, at your workplace or at home and it will give you an instant pleasure stimulation.

Pearl Thongs

Deangirl creates exciting women’s apparel-slash-exotic lingerie with their delicious line of erotic adult undergarments. Now with the addition of the sexy pearl thongs: erotic and sexy meets daring and adventurous. Enjoy hands-free sensual pleasure thanks to the black stretch lace underwear by Deangirl.

pearl thongs

This one-size fits sizes 2 to 10 black lace g-string is a delicious addition to your usual sexy lingerie. The fine quality of the materials as well as the quality of the real pearls, strategically located at the women’s pleasure center offer hands-free and effortless blissful gratification like never before. Designed to get the approval of underwear designers, Deangirl’s sexy lace creations have the look and feel of stylish expensive lingerie but without the fabric crotch. In its place is a string of pearls that rub against the wearer’s clitoris and surrounding areas that are sensitive to touch.

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Control the intensity of the stimulation which movement you make while wearing the this type of underwear at home, with a partner while fulfilling your sexual fantasies, at a public place while having a relaxing time with friends or even at the workplace if you are daring enough to take on experience the pleasure of wearing pearl panties anywhere!

Indulge yourself with an elegant lingerie  by checking out pearl panties that come in different colors that suits your taste. Experience lacy pearl panties and get a kick out of the usual g-string at less than 25 dollars. Also check my complete and detailed review about pearl thongs here.