Bracli Pearl Thong


bracli pearl thong

I was lucky to have received a Bracli pearl thong on my birthday. A goofy friend of mine have always bragged about being a proud owner of the luxurious and quite expensive jewelry underwear. But when I saw them for the first time, I was quite surprised.

The pearl strand thong made me shriek, like really. Oh my goodness, I was scared to try them on. The thong infused adventure, scandal and yet elegance at the same time.


It was a good thing though that I opened my presents when I was alone and after a little get together. Otherwise people would have laughed at my red – really red face. It’s just too sexy and too adventurous for my usual taste, I know but even with the ads, I always found it hard to look away with a shrug of the shoulders. I mean, come on, it’s hard to ignore an intriguing pearl panties.

Tried and Tested: Bracli Pearl Thong Review

I checked out the site first, Bracli apparently only uses exquisite pearls from Mallorca, Spain. The lace band is Spanish-made as well. Luis Alvarez is the man who invented the Bracli and he designed it first for his wife. Awesome right? But enough with the introductions. I finally tried the Bracli pearl thong three days after receiving them and I must say, I was excited.

At home in my worn out pajamas, I put the pearls on and let me just say, Bracli pearl thongs do not allow you to forget that you’re wearing them. The underwear was flattering and absolutely sexy, or at least I felt I was sexy in them.

Paris classic thong


And the pearls really did rub me in the right ways. Although I can’t imagine myself wearing this anywhere else but at home, they were a great way to get the party started. I mean, after a couple of steps around the house, I was already starting to sweat out of the sensations I got from the g string pearl panties.

I got so turned on, I called my boyfriend and showed him the pearl thongs and let me just say, they didn’t stay on for too long. Try out your very own Bracli pearl thongs and show it off to your man. I swear, it works wonders. And maybe, just maybe, he’d like his very own pearls for men. Yes, they exist, only by Bracli.

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