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Pearl Bra

pearl braWomen all over the world should treat themselves to something that will make them look and feel sexy. The use of pearl bra back in the day, could cause a scandal. Nowadays, both men and women have a pair or set of thong underwear that they wear to work, school or when with their significant others.

Speaking of sexy and radical underwear, pearl bra and thongs are making headlines in the lingerie department. The bra and thongs made of pearls are advertised for women who want to look and feel sexy while wearing them. The pearl thong that you may have already heard of is made of sexy lace and a string of pearl situated where it would brush against a woman’s most sensitive area and right up her backside.

The idea of putting together an arousing sex toy and an underwear in a matching lace and pearl bra and thong set is just deliciously scintillating. The pearl panties are a great addition to your wardrobe and you can wear it wherever and whenever you want to. Enjoy the stimulation of the pearls rubbing you in the right ways anytime and anywhere.


But it is not only panties that get this special treatment. May lingerie manufacturers have come up with the pearl bra. The bra can be bikini-like tied at the nape and on the back, with pearls outlining your breasts.

The pearl bra has no cup, which makes it more likely to be used to put on a show for your partner in the privacy of your bedroom. Combine the hot pearl bra with the sexy pearl panties and you’ve a party starter. Let’s talk about available matching pearl bra and thong sets.

Pearl Necklace Bra and G-String Set

If you are out to find the perfect pair of lingerie that will emphasize the feeling of sexiness and make you look even sexier, this g-string can be of help. For less than 20 dollars you get a matching Pearl Bra and thong panties. This one size fits all (size 2 and up) set will definitely amp up your confidence as you strut around, showing it off to your romantic partner.

Pearl bra necklace and g-string set


Below you will find my all time favorite and the most beautiful pearl bra to tease your partner with a show. For someone who is supposed to see them, men appreciate the view of their partner wearing this types of bras. Being extremely visual, it goes tp show that the smaller the underwear and the more they can see, the more they like it.

Bracli Women’s Paris Begos Bra



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