Bracli Double Pearl Thong Review

Bracli is international lingerie boutique that sells the most sensual and exotic lingerie. The creators of the Bracli double pearl thong, the boutique continues to develop ways to make their customers experience sensual stimulation through their discreet, but oh so sexy underwear’s.

This one feature a string of natural pearls that will make the wearer feel pleasure stimulation minus the batteries and noisy vibrations.

The Bracli pearl thong is made of stretch French lace that is especially equipped with a strand of 46+ Lustrous Spanish Manacor Pearls.

Bracli Double Pearl Thong review

The lingerie come in beautiful and intricately created lace in colors white, black, pink, red and blue. The pearls come in single strand or double strands for an extra dose of pleasure for an additional 10.00 USD.

Look and feel sexy anytime and even anywhere with these double stranded thongs that offer subtle to deliciously exciting stimulation depending on how you want to use them.

Wear them in the office, at home or at a date and no one will know (unless you tell them of course!) that you are in a whole new world of pleasure, thanks to the pearls providing your most intimate part with a delightful treat!

This intimate apparel is shipped worldwide in an elegant box that can be given to anyone with a passion for passion as a gift. Get this for yourself or your partner!

Bracli double pearl thongs come in one-size fits all and plus-size for every woman out there who wants to experience discreet and subtle stimulation through elegant and sexy underwear.


In conclusion, the Bracli Double Pearl Thong is a unique and sensual lingerie piece that offers a luxurious and stimulating experience for both the wearer and their partner.

Its high-quality materials and exquisite design make it a great addition to any lingerie collection, while its versatility allows it to be worn on a variety of occasions.

However, it may not be suitable for everyone due to its specific design and may require some adjustment to get used to the pearl stimulation.

Overall, the Bracli Double Pearl Thong is a must-try for those seeking an elegant and daring lingerie option.

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